Welcoming Speech

 Pengarah JTK Sarawak

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh,

Peace be upon you and Salam Negaraku Malaysia.

Welcome to the official website of Department of Labour Sarawak,

All praises be upon (unto) Allah the most gracious and the most merciful, (the most benovalent), with His blessings that Department of Labour Sarawak (JTK Sarawak) is able to accomplished the uplifting facet of this website in line with the present scenario. With the heartfeel on the vital funtion of a website in serving as a platform for Department of Labour Sarawak to interact with the communities at large, various informations related to our Department and that of the general informations on the labour matters in Sarawak are put forth for the benefits of the public. 

The informations put forth in this portal, would hopefully be very imformative and of helpful for our clients. The portal is being updated from time to time to showcase the current functions and service delivery of our Department. 

All the informations in this website are arranged and categorised in such a way that the 5 targets audience are divided according to the roles, the functios and that of the core business rendered to our clients, namely:
Ucapan Aluan

The clients would be able to obtain the services rendered by Department of Labour Sarawak in the forms of:

Perkhidmatan Kami

JTK Sarawak is also shouldered with the responsibility as an enforcement body to the Minimum Wages Orders which have been in placed since 1st January 2013 and the Minimum Retirement Age 2012 since 1st July 2013. The public may obtain further informations on these orders and act in our official website. 

On the disseminating or sharing of informations virtually at the fingertips via this website, we fervently hope that it helps in one way or another in enhancing the knowledge of the public at large on the labour-related matters. Along the line, the governtment’s aspirations are shared and the service delivery is carried out utmostly which is of much beneficial to the people.

With the disseminating of as much informations as possible in mind, this official website of ours is being constantly updated so as to be on a par with the global trend. Should you have any question or suggestion to put forth, do not be hesitate to contact us via a telephone call or just e-mail it to us. Our telephone numbers and e-mail address can be found in this website. We are looking forward for your kind response and support in oder for us to enhance our service delivery.

Until we meet again,

May Allah swt bless us with His help and guidance, peace be upon you.

Awang Raduan bin Awang Omar
Director of Labour,

Any suggesstions or inquiries may be sent through our e-mail address at jtknsarawak[at]mohr.gov.my
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